Awaiting the keys of a large metal fate
Passed a key ring with sweaty hands

Parading the streets until dawn
Howling at the moon, here and now

Touts and dealers on every corner
Cackling at every stranger they could find

Pouncing on every morsel of human kind
Punching numbers for an encounter on foreign soil

Letting go of the lost dregs, lost in translation
A last ditch offering in the form of another me
A mountain of lights at the edge of town

Gradually making way to an unspoken truth
A piece of me is still walking under Barcelona’s stars

The morning sun’s salt curdling in crashing waves
And the carved faces in stone live in memory

Rocks perching on the edge, playing chicken with the sea
And the spheres of myriad colours swim on the wind’s tide

A temple of meaning scattered in the untold
Breathing in the unsaid in a triumph of wonder