Ben River

A blue eyed amazon on my cul-de-sac
Dropped by to fix her paper to the concrete,
Putin and Khodorkovsky sit together shooting shit,
She knows which one she is, or should I say,
Which side she’s working on today

I took a photo, looked up her web stage show
And printed some of my own paper to giver her
I hoped I’d run into her somewhere nearby.

I turned left and saw another one of her paper signs
Tied to a bus stop, a young love anniversary special,
Blowing in the wind.

I thought I was on the right track, so I turned left again
Towards the flyover, which according to a mutant,
Is the most beautiful sculpture in England.

Another hit on the paper trail in front of me
An Olympic celebration, she spoke of something going on for a few years
Seems like she’s seen something blue, and something to admire.

I walked for ages in the rain, with holey shoes,
Feeling like a lost dog in a place I’ve lived for years,
But on the way to finding,
Maybe not what I wanted

But something

And I did.