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Through tunnels, sparks of neon fly backwards
Packed in nervous delight of soul in a plunge upwards

Openings through vale, brambles and secret waves of green and brown

Mountainous pores and wide open lands under my skin
While turbine wilderness sinks and rises in the fog of time

Leaving loves behind in a bon voyage to stay the same and changed
The cord was cut and must be stuck back together with magic glue

If bonds be tied again, so be it, and I shall wear this heart on my sleeve forever

Springing from the ground in all directions
Scrambling for light in a procession to the sun

The carriage walls were quiet over the whirring of wheels
Sending airwaves outwards and receiving in numerals and alphabet scribble

Languages of love, days travelling inside and out

Seeing without looking, plunging without water
Spirit’s let out to play, in an adventure of a lifetime